50 litre permanently mounted boat petrol tank with vented cap

Part # LA2500


Standard fittings included with this tank:

2 1/4" thread

The tank is molded with a thread. This is used to attach a cap to the tank.

Nylon threaded cap with screw on breather.

The cap is manufactured the suit the 2 1/4" thread. The cap is fitted with a breather that screws in and out as desired for optimal air flow

1 1/4" brass inserts x 1

This brass inserts is molded into the tank. This is commonly used for theWema screw in elecronic sender.

3/8" brass inserts x 2

These brass inserts are molded into the tank. One is commonly used for the fuel pick up,The other one is used for the breather if needed.

Nylon fuel pick up with stainless filter.

The fuel pick up is manufactured with a 3/8" BSP to be screwed into the brass inserts molded into the tank. The pick up also has a 1/4" BSP thread, so as a brass tail or a tank fitting can be screwed into it.